Is the availability of a plethora of apps making us less patient as individuals?

Sana Rashid

We live in a world where there is an app for everything! Fun fact - There is an app active and running in Iceland that helps you avoid dating a cousin! Gone are the days when we used to search the drawers for our favourite restaurant’s menu handout or call our friends to confirm where should we get a certain lipstick from. And the holder of all these apps which is our phone has somehow become the controller of our minds. We find ourselves without our phone for one minute and the panic in those few seconds is almost equivalent to finding yourself in the middle of a forest fire!

The essence of how we lead our lives reflects on every aspect of our approach towards how we handle relationships and work situations. Were people more patient before technology took such a progressive turn?

Today’s blog is about provoking a thought process we often avoid. Are we less into hearing and more into receiving? We don’t want to know how something will be done, we just want it done.

Keeping the above in mind below are different personalities of the new age and time that we have taken a shot at deciphering.

Babies of 2020

Right out of the womb and ready to take selfies! Today’s babies have Instagram accounts before they are even born. As soon as their name is finalised, their insta handle creation follows. These babies wear avocado print onesies while they are being filmed eating an avacodo! Because hey! That’s what brings in the likes and followers.

Tweenagers of 2020

Tweens today just want to deal with their acne and tiktok! School is for finding dates and dates are for clicking social media worthy pictures. They tweet before they speak! Actions speak louder than words? No Sir! For the tweens of 2020, Snapchat stories speak louder than insta DMs. They are growing up in an environment where youtube is your answer to all problems, just follow a channel and become a reflection of the clique you fall in line with. With so much access to information, how do we expect them to learn how to have a meaningful conversation or have the tolerance to indulge in spoken words over maintaining a snapchat trail?

Teenagers of 2020

They are actually the mini adults, they want to be treated like adults so badly that they forget to enjoy the time of their lives where the biggest problem is going to be managing attendance in college or their monthly pocket money. The concept of endurance seems to be evading the young minds of today with everything literally just a click away!

Young Adults of 2020

While the teenagers are dying to be seen as adults, the adults are dying for a time machine to live their teenage years again. You want to rent a house? There is an app for that! You want to set up that house? There is an app for that! Where is the human interaction? Sometimes, it feels like we are talking to an electronically driven device even when it is actually a live human standing in front of you. You just want to click 1 for happiness, 2 for sadness to go away, 3 for ignorance and 4 to return to the menu.

Adults of 2020

Adults of 2020 deserve an award because most of them are handling the tweens and teens of 2020. The adults of today’s times are facing the biggest challenge because they have lived a completely different and not technologically driven lives as kids when parents decided the colour of your bedroom and not pinterest!

Grandparents of 2020

Honestly the grandparents are the winners! They have seen it all and are now living the best years of their remaining lives just getting or learning to get things done at the snap of a finger! For them we say, you deserve it! You have spoken and heard enough, now just sit back and watch the technology run the world!

As much as we try to decode the minds of the human race, there are too many factors constantly affecting the same. Here is hope for calmness, composure and the patience to listen and learn while the world throws at us a million reasons not to.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics