Hashtags that matter

Sana Rashid

Let’s start with talking about a word that presents itself in different issues, forms and even as a trending hashtag. It’s a word that says and represents so much without the need for a prefix, suffix or paragraphs hovering around it. This word has the power to impact and upgrade the lives and feelings of many and this word is INCLUSIVITY.

What is inclusiveness? In its purest form and at its core, it is a call to wake up and act! To use your privilege to other’s advantage with the motive of spreading oneness followed by openness. If you sit back and think about your day, you will be surprised by how many opportunities you had to implement inclusivity.

Many revolutions have come to be because of the simple need of being accepted and to be seen as an equal. Majority of human beings have found countless ways to discriminate and the minority has spent years voicing the ill effects of segregation on the basis of colour, race, gender, body type. It is our responsibility to convert this minority into a majority, as woke and exposed individuals who know so much better than what precedes us. All we need is a platform, be it online or offline. All it takes is faith followed by a reflection of it in our opinions.

In this day and age of social media and all its glory and power, below are a few hashtags that we wish would start trending and make an impact:



As women, we don’t want to be told that being fair makes you superior and helps you find the perfect mate! We want to be told that being successful and professionally driven brings you to a point where you can pick whoever you want as a mate. We want little girls to grow up wanting to explore their innate ability to bloom into a strong individual and not the perfect partner.


We should be able to see a person for who they are, what their values are and not what colour their skin is. We want to encourage acceptance and facilitate the growth of an open mind over a closed one. Therefore, in this case being colour blind could be the best thing.


Unfortunately, our system has fed into the minds of boys that what they say and how they structure statements just goes. So much so that sometimes they don’t even realize that they are simply rewording what a girl just told them. This needs to change! It’s high time men accept and acknowledge the intelligence of a woman as equally credible as theirs. The new saying should be “Woke boys! may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them!”


Body is beauty, simple. It doesn’t matter what shape, how toned or not toned, beauty marks or not. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! As an individual, the body you own is the vessel for your soul. So own it, live it and love it!


We support and see you all! There is a place in this world for everyone but as a whole no matter where on earth, it should be a place for everyone. This is about more than adding a checkbox beyond the options of male, female in a form. This is about changing minds and accepting the change that evolved minds lead to.

We hope you could resonate with these hashtags and with us believe that the thought process behind each of these hashtags matters.

Each one of us has the power to support evolution and cause a revolution.

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics