How writing your plans can genuinely impact your actions and eventually your success

Sana Rashid

Did you know the concept of planners dates back to the 1700’s and has progressed from almanacs to daily dairies to aesthetically appealing planners today? Since decades people have depended on the concept of planning for consistency and goal setting.

In today’s blog we will talk about how jotting down your plans actually positively impacts your journey of materialising your plans.

Better Time Management  

It is always a step by step progression towards achieving your goals. Very rarely one jumps from the start point directly to the end game. The milestones in between are what create structure and set the foundation for your plans. Ultimately, our goals are a reflection of our intentions and our intentions are what define our way of expression. It is very important to not lose sight of the steps that lead us to our goals and the best way to acknowledge those steps is by setting time lines based on how much attention one must give to which milestone. This part of planning leads to time management and as a result with every “time goal” achieved, one also achieves the assurance that they are on the right track.

Improved Productivity

Oftentimes, the power of planning is underestimated especially in our day to day lives and the impact of the same goes unnoticed. This applies to organising a room at home or planning an event for a family member. Planning gives you the power to keep getting things done and move forward and the confidence acquired from completing the previous step leads to increased productivity for the next one!

Stress Management

This is the most obvious result of planning! When you wake up in the morning and you can see the whole day ahead of you, that clarity after a deep breath is the biggest stress reliever. Uncertainty leads to uneasiness followed by a train of thoughts spiralling through your mind. A clear path to walk on is the biggest gift you can give yourselves to protect your mental health in personal and professional situations.

Documenting your steps for future reference

Another wonderful result of planning is “record”. When we face a situation that feels familiar, having prior experience in handling the situation doesn’t necessarily come with a handbook unless you create one! And what is important is not that the last plan worked and can be reapplied but the steps were recorded and can be referred to for a direct copy paste or improvisation.

Boosts confidence

This is the biggest cherry on the top of the cake called planning! The self-reliance one achieves through planning is what leads to the boost in confidence to keep planning better and accomplish bigger!!

We wish our HK Basics family a fun and successful day of planning!

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