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Multipurpose Storage Container - Desk Organiser Box | HK Basics

Buy Multipurpose Storage Container & Desk Organiser Box for your Home at a Discounted Price on HK Basics. The Organizer Container is Very Efficient and Adds Value to the Decor....
Multi storey recycling bin

Multifunctional Double Storey Recycling Bin

As the world continues to evolve, we as humans must care and protect the world we live in. When it comes to proper disposal of trash or cutting down the amount...
Storage Box

Desktop Storage Box

It’s always believed that a clean and organised space gives you the ability to think better and do better. With this open storage box, you can now store what’s really...
Blue, Green, White

Rectangle Mounted Storage Shelf

We present to you these "Rectangle Mounted Storage Shelf" can be just put anywhere to create extra shelf space for your convenience. Be it your washroom, bedroom, living room or...
Storage Container

Double-Split Storage Container

This probably is the best we have got for all you 'kitchen pals' This 'Double Storage Transparent Container' has an airtight seal and a partition to provide dual compartment. It...
Fridge container

Multipurpose Airtight Fridge Storage Container

The 'Airtight Fridge Storage Container' is made with strong and premium TPU fibre which gives the container more shelf life. The container has a handle on its side to make...