Go Green or Go Home!

Sana Rashid

What is the need of the hour? It is being mindful!  We find ourselves in the middle of a wakeup call! The oceans are full of plastic, the clothes are made of plastic, no clean air to breathe and the list unfortunately goes on. The earth we inherited is an earth crying for help and who is listening? Or rather who is listening and actually making an effort to save it? Many of us end up feeling an overwhelming rush of emotions but move on because how does one person’s effort contribute to the greater good of the whole of humanity. The answer is quite simple, just how every penny counts, every effort counts!

As human beings we have the ability to watch, process and act! The first two parts are usually taken care of, it’s the part that involves taking action that we struggle with. During a time when our entire lives have been brought to a standstill due to a lethal virus, take a moment and reflect on how you can act! It’s the simple basic steps that lead to setting a momentum that can change and add to the cause of building a more sustainable environment as a whole.

Let’s look at how in a single day as a one-man army you can fight the war between our own kind and the unmindful actions of the same:

Make a difference right after you wake up

Switch from plastic toothbrush and toothpaste containers to wooden replacements of the same, that last longer with you but not after you are done with them. You can choose from a variety of organic products for bathing and cleansing instead of the commercially driven shampoos and liquid soaps. You will be doing a favour to your skin and the environment!

Dress fashionably while being conscious to the nature

Did you know that every time you wash your clothes that is primarily made of synthetic material, it leaves with it fibers in the water that washes off to contribute to ocean plastic pollution in a subtle yet pervasive way? With an abundance of sustainable fashion labels you can pick clothes that are breathable for your body and lets the earth breathe easy as well!

Eat wholeheartedly but keep the health of the environment in your heart as well

We grab our favorite food from our favorite take away joints but forget the impact of that meal on our surroundings because of the plastic cutlery that we use to consume that yummy meal. From straws to plastic cups, it stays with you for 10 minutes and with mother earth for the rest of its existence.

Reuse and recycle

We hear these magic words all the time but do not realize the actual magical impact of it. You reuse one item of clothing, plastic and you set in motion an act that eventually impacts your entire surrounding to move one step towards being greener!

As a brand, we have been contemplating how can we can facilitate the process of building a greener world. And with steps such as using recyclable material for packaging we have set the foundation for many more such initiatives that are soon going to become a part of how we support the cause of going green!

So come on HK Basics fam! Let’s do this! Let’s do our part however we can and help the existing and future generations. So chant with us! Go green or go home!

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics