What does your phone case say about your personality?

Sana Rashid

Have you ever thought about what your phone case says about you? Our phones have become an extension of us in so many ways, running our lives from morning to night. Phones have quite literally become our answer to all problems from what food to order? What clothes to buy? To setting reminders to hydrate or have medicines.

Is it possible to even survive without our phones anymore? Well lucky for us we don’t have to try! What we need to do is keep it safe and protected. In this time and age, we have a way to express ourselves through everything. It is not just our clothes, our choice of words, the way we handle situations that represent us anymore but also how we choose to represent our electronical devices. The moment a device is introduced, the market is flooded with different options that we can pick from to protect and present that device. The fun part of this process that oftentimes goes unnoticed or comes too naturally to us is the fact that we subconsciously choose what goes best with the kind person we are.

Read along to see what your phone cover actually says about you!

Phone cover with extra features

Apple iPhone Case with Airpods Holder - Rs. 1099

You are the kind of person who looks for value for every penny you pay. You are conscious of what you are receiving for the choice you make. Why grab something to serve one purpose when you can get more by paying just a little more. You are willing to explore your options and don’t mind taking a chance! Cheers to you, extra miler!

Simple yet durable

Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case - Rs. 899

A crystal clear phone case is simplicity in all its glory. You prefer your phone’s original beauty being the center of attention rather than having a new cover steal the thunder. You like giving due credit to the one that deserves it!

Popping pastels

Camera Protection Bumper Case - Rs. 1299

Pastels are the new trending colour theme so you are one who is updated on style and fashion! Congratulations on being the fashionable diva that you are! You like to stay connected with what is in and away from what’s out!

Monochrome and Sleek

Carbon Fibre Slim Case for iPhones - Rs. 549

This one is all about class and elegance. Nothing too bold or simple but just the right dash of style to represent your choice in the same. We bet if Bond chose a phone cover it would be sleek and black.


Airplane Ticket City iPhone Cases - Rs. 999

You are bold in your choices and not afraid to show it! Prints say a lot about our general choices. If its strong prints, then you are a firecracker of a person always the life of the party. Many people even choose a family picture or a loved one’s image as a print on their phone covers and all that mush is an adorable display of affection. Then there is the specific prints on phone covers such as our super stylish city cases always representing the travel enthusiast in you!

So HK Basics Family, which phone case suits your personality best?

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics