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knife holder

Multifunctional plastic kitchen knife holder

Presenting to you the ultimate cutlery organiser “ Multifunctional plastic kitchen knife holder“, for the place where you cook food. The multi compartments provide proper space division and the colours...
Premium Round Diatomite Set of 2 Coaster

Premium Round Diatomite Set of 2 Coaster

Love drinking tea but hate the ring stains it leaves on your beautiful table? We bring to you these “Premium Round Diatomite Coaster”, a perfect table top for fun look. A tea...
Multi storey recycling bin

Multifunctional Double Storey Recycling Bin

As the world continues to evolve, we as humans must care and protect the world we live in. When it comes to proper disposal of trash or cutting down the amount...
modern Fryer

Premium Stainless Steel Fryer

Food and its preparation is continuing to become an art form. With India being a country that is rich in the various types of cuisines we have, we bring to...
"Stainless Steel Oil Pot stainless steel oil dispenser with handle stainless steel oil can easy to use Oil Pot  Kitchen Products Online"

Stainless Steel Oil Pot & Dispenser - Easy to Use Oil Pot | HK Basics

Buy Stainless Steel Oil Pot & Dispenser for Kitchen at a Discounted Price on HK Basics. The Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser with a Stainless Steel Coaster will Prevent the Formation...
Storage Container

Double-Split Storage Container

This probably is the best we have got for all you 'kitchen pals' This 'Double Storage Transparent Container' has an airtight seal and a partition to provide dual compartment. It...
Wall Mounted Geometrical Rack ( Pack of 1 )

Wall Mounted Geometrical Rack ( Pack of 1 )

These "Wall Mounted Geometrical Rack" can be just put anywhere to create extra shelf space for your convenience. Be it your washroom, bedroom, living room or just any corner of...
Fridge container

Multipurpose Airtight Fridge Storage Container

The 'Airtight Fridge Storage Container' is made with strong and premium TPU fibre which gives the container more shelf life. The container has a handle on its side to make...
compact trash can

Matte Finish Wall/Drawer Mounted Trash Can

These "Matte Finish Wall/Drawer Mounted Trash Can" is easy to move and will come handy in every corner of your kitchen. Made from premium material and finished with a matte look,...

Premium Finish Multifunctional Manual Slicer

This "Premium Finish Multifunctional Manual Slicer" is made to compliment and upgrade the style of your kitchen. It comes along different blades which helps you slice and cut the vegetables...
Drain Basket

Double Layer Vegetables Drain Storage Basket

This 2in1 vegetable drainer basket can be the most useful tool that you can buy fir your kitchen. It is very necessary wash your vegetables in running water as it...
Green, Black, Beige, White

Premium Matte Finish Ceramic Mug Gift Set | Comes with lid and spoon

With valentines around the corner, this can be the best gift for him and her. The mug comes in a fully protected box which has a luxurious look because of...