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Fridge container

Multipurpose Airtight Fridge Storage Container

The 'Airtight Fridge Storage Container' is made with strong and premium TPU fibre which gives the container more shelf life. The container has a handle on its side to make...
compact trash can

Matte Finish Wall/Drawer Mounted Trash Can

These "Matte Finish Wall/Drawer Mounted Trash Can" is easy to move and will come handy in every corner of your kitchen. Made from premium material and finished with a matte look,...

Premium Finish Multifunctional Manual Slicer

This "Premium Finish Multifunctional Manual Slicer" is made to compliment and upgrade the style of your kitchen. It comes along different blades which helps you slice and cut the vegetables...
Drain Basket

Double Layer Vegetables Drain Storage Basket

This 2in1 vegetable drainer basket can be the most useful tool that you can buy fir your kitchen. It is very necessary wash your vegetables in running water as it...
Green, Black, Beige, White

Premium Matte Finish Ceramic Mug Gift Set | Comes with lid and spoon

With valentines around the corner, this can be the best gift for him and her. The mug comes in a fully protected box which has a luxurious look because of...
Tissue dispenser

Premium Tissue Dispenser And Holder

This premium tissue dispenser and holder is the perfect option as it is aesthetic and best build quality. Few of the qualities of the "Premium Tissue Dispenser And Holder" are...
"Plastic Storage Box Multipurpose Storage Box Big Plastic Storage Boxes Organizer Container Storage Boxes & containers online  Multipurpose Storage Container"

Multipurpose Storage Container - Desk Organiser Box | HK Basics

Be it a table, a shelf or your night stand, this 'Multipurpose Storage Container - Desk Organiser Box | HK Basics', can be used anywhere.  The Organizer Container is Very...
spoon drip pad
Set of 3

Spill Proof Drip Pad | Set of 3

The little things that we never know we need always comes handy and help us stay organised. This little drip pad helps you keep the kitchen clean and tidy by...
silicon ice tray

Tetris Ice Tray With Silicon Lid | 6 Trays

We care about every little detail just as you do. These ice trays are easy to fit in any compartments and the vivid colors are attractive to the eyes. It...
premium cushion cover home decor

Premium Abstract Cushion Covers

The premium look and feel of it are the usp of these cushion covers. There are  three different variants available of these cushion sleeves.  Set A |  Golden Aesthetic Prints: This set...