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The next in the line up of HK Exclusives, we present to you the 'Helios Cross Body Bag | HK Exclusives'. The rugged look of camo combined with anti scratch leather, this cross body bag is a perfect choice for almost anyone. The Red Camouflage Cross Body Bag is very spacious and has two additional zippers; one on the inside and one at the back. Seamless stitch, soft lining and and extra cushioning makes it the most comfortably convenient choice. It has adjustable belt strap and the buckle at the end is made with supreme quality. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Red Camouflage Cross Body Bag from our line up, HK Exclusives by HK Basics.

Call it a fanny bag, a side bag or chest bag, they truly are versatile in look; their effortless minimalism and hands-free convenience is something we can't say no to. The belted style of fanny packs makes for total ease of wear.

And, as most are just the right size to hold a passport, a wallet, your phone, and a pair of headphones, they are a perfect bag for travelling, whether it be abroad, or just around the neighbourhood. The perfect accessory for someone on the go, fanny packs are ideal for walks around the city, summer music festivals, bicycle rides, or a night out. Plus, fanny packs fall under trends of fashion which are moving towards sustainability.

Dimension :- 33*16*8 cm