Love Abstract Swatches iPhone Case

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Model XS Max
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Love is an emotion or feeling. It involves commitment, sacrifice, desire, happiness and pain. It is an abstract amalgamation and permutation of feelings, emotions and thoughts of an individual. A simple four-letter word complicates things to an extreme because it has so many levels to it. You love your family because they're blood related (they're like you). You love your friends because you can be wild and crazy, yet you have a shoulder to cry on when the world seems to fall. Then you have the love of that special someone. It's a love that makes you tingle inside. Lastly, you have the love of things you desire, such as pets, hobbies and all the little things that make your world all yours. This phone case is just the perfect addition to the list of those little things that makes you different from others while still bringing the sense of similarity of your kind.

Cases for your iPhones curated with love by HK Basics.

We at HK Basics, believe that creating amazing cases for your phone is not enough as we reckon that your phone case also reflects your personality.

Our cases are an absolute showstopper, structured to defend your iPhones with a jaw-dropping frame decked out with super quality and finish.

  • Type: Fitted Case
  • Electroplated Camera protection & Buttons
  • Function: Waterproof, Dirt-Resistant & Shock Protective
  • Material: High-Quality Soft IMD
  • Design: Love Abstract Swatches iPhone Case
  • Compatible: iPhone X/XS Case, iPhone XR Case, iPhone XS Max Case, iPhone 11 Case, iPhone 11 Pro Case, iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, iPhone 12 Case, iPhone 12 Pro Case, iPhone 12 Pro Max Case, iPhone 12 Mini Case.