Ordinary iPhone Case

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Model 14
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The Ordinary iPhone Case is a sleek and eye-catching phone case that is designed to provide both protection and style to your iPhone. It features a unique purple border that creates a feeling of euphoria and happiness. The case is made of high-quality materials that offer excellent protection against scratches, dents, and other damage that can occur during daily use. It is also designed to be slim and lightweight, so it won't add unnecessary bulk to your phone.

Overall, the Ordinary iPhone case is a fun and playful accessory that is perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of color and personality to their iPhone while keeping it simple and safe from everyday wear and tear.

      • Function: Waterproof, Dirt-Resistant & Shock Protective
      • Material: High-Quality Soft IMD
      • Design: Ordinary iPhone Case
      • Compatible: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Plus.