Travel International City iPhone ticket Cases

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Model iphone X
City Bangkok
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Our Airplane Ticket cases are a reminder of the beautiful cities around the world that you would love to visit or already have.
It is to commemorate the thrill of travel and the memories one creates in the process.
Key Features:
Material: High quality Transparent Soft TPU Cover, Full protection.
- Feature : Perfectly protects your mobile phone from shock, scratches, abrasion, dirt, oil and other potential damage. Perfect fit and cutouts!


Ships within 24 Hours INDIA.

iPhone Case care instructions:

  • Do not use your iPhone case when you have any food components in your hand such as typical Indian spices and condiments as this may leave a permanent stain on your phone cover.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure on your phone case, it may cause cracks that lead to water or moisture seeping into your case to your phone.
  • Do not clean your iPhone case with water and soap if you see any cracks on it as it may damage your iPhone.
  • Do not skip disinfecting your iPhone covers.
  • Do not let any sharp objects come in contact with your iPhone cover as it may cause scratches and cuts on the same.
  • Do not let any hot object come near your iPhone case as it may cause the silicone/plastic case to disfigure.

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