Sana Rashid

Ever since the lockdown started we have found some or the other activity to excel at. Some of us have become excellent cooks while some are turning into avid readers. Some of us on the other hand are still coping and trying to figure out the new normal and where we stand in terms of productivity since everyone has one thing they are all “lockdown experts” at now. And while you figure that out we would like to remind you that finding those 30-40 minutes to work out at home while you spend 10 hours working from home is not an option! It is a necessity to keep those happy hormones flowing and letting our muscles know they still need a healthy amount of movement.

You can work out early in the morning or late at night, that’s completely upto you but you must find and fix that time of the day so that your body feels rejuvenated and ready for whatever is coming. While some of us may have ripped bodies by now because of having chosen working out as the thing they are acing, let those peeps inspire you!

Keep pushing yourself to get there because we don’t know how long we are going to be in this situation so maintaining a healthy balance of fun, food, work and working out is extremely pertinent for maintaining a stable mind and life.

Below are a few ways you can get yourself to start exercising:

Buddy up! You can always find a friend to get on the workout routine with you for company and motivation. Just set up a time and get on that video call and give each other the boost you need to get fit.          

Work out playlist Music is one of the strongest motivating factors to do anything because our mind associates with the lyrics and feels the beat. Let those super pumped up songs be the first thing you listen to in the morning and watch yourself go at it!

Tracking results This is the best encouragement you can give yourself because nothing works like a charm than actual results. And this doesn’t have to mean weight loss, just the general positive difference you feel in your body such as increased stamina, glowing skin, newfound energy to face the day and so much more!

Cheaper, safer, faster It is not just pocket friendly to work out at home but much safer – covid or no covid because let’s face it, Gyms are a germ house! And because you are managing this workout schedule right at home it gets done much quicker since no travels or getting ready specially for the gym is involved. It is a win win in all aspects!

Boss of your own time There is no one telling you to workout in a particular time slot because there will be lesser people in the gym or the trainer will be available then or a particular machine will be free to use. It is your space, time and workout routine to figure out and manage! So who’s the boss?! That’s right, YOU ARE!

Now come on! These are pretty encouraging reasons to get started on that work out at home routine. We hope to have given you a little bit of a push to lead a healthier and happier life.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics