Work from Home Essentials

Sana Rashid

While we are unaware of how long working from home is going to last considering the precautions being taken to fight the deadly virus that has affected all of our lives, let’s not forget to make things easier for ourselves and treat this as a situation that is going to exist for a while instead of contemplating when it will end and ask yourself why get comfortable when things could change any second. This ambiguity and uncertainty could lead to bad days at work as you will not be able to create the same level of focus and output because of the change in environment and working conditions.

These are unpredictable and uncertain times and maintaining control over our schedule and creating structure for our day to day pattern will help avoid sudden anxiety attacks or panic related to work.

Therefore, we suggest the following to make working from home a smooth experience:

Assign a work space

Take a few days and see which corner of your home works best in terms of boosting your efficiency and helping you maintain the focus you need to ensure uninterrupted working hours. This space needs to be able to accommodate all your work from home essentials and of course should be situated at a point of your house where wifi connectivity is never an issue. We know how annoying that can be otherwise!

Organise your desk

Once you have fixed your office space, the very next step is to ensure you put together a desk with all your must haves in a neat and organised manner. This is not just for appearance but accessibility. When that important call comes and you need to write something down, you want to make sure a pen, notepad aren’t things you’re struggling to locate.

Comfortable office chair

This is the most underrated and important aspect of ensuring a healthy and proper way of working from home. This should actually be one of your biggest priorities to ensure proper posture and comfort. You don’t want to be stuck in a body breaking chair for hours at stretch at home.

Wifi game strong

Make sure you get a top up on your wifi if need be so that connectivity is never an issue. If not taken care of, this can lead to extreme frustration and agony with the whole work from home situation all the while creating problems between you and your colleagues in case dead lines are missed.


Do not forget to always have a bottle of water on your desk. Set reminders on your phone, laptop everywhere if you must but keep hydration a top priority. Between those work calls, projects, household chores you don’t want miss out on maintaining that minimum 2L/day water intake guys!

Stationery stock up

Notepads, pens, pencils, sticky notes! These should be on your desk and stocked up otherwise as well. At work, we easily get stationery but at home you must ensure the same ease of availability for a smooth working experience.

So come on now guys! Cheer up and let’s embrace the situation and make sure the uncertainties don’t hamper our output by stocking up on all the work from home essentials today itself.

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics