Why is Self-love so important?

Sana Rashid

“I love you”. 3 words that light up our world when we hear them from the ones we deeply care about and love and it makes us equally sad when even after investing all the effort and time we don’t hear those three words. Unfortunately, the impact of receiving love is directly proportional to the self-worth we associate with ourselves, when the only factor that should actually influence that aspect is how much do we really love ourselves. When you look in the mirror, you should feel happy with who you are because it is in that moment that you have truly achieved the power to manage your happiness.

Self-love leads to a boost in our self-worth which further contributes to our personal level of self-empowerment. It is at these different levels or milestones that one discovers themselves and in that process fights their own flaws to come out stronger than ever. Through this blog we want to facilitate the achievement of that strength by explaining to you why is self-worth so important to incorporate in life in the first place. Let's get started.

Self-love leads to Self-actualisation

When we take a few moments to really interact with ourselves to understand who we truly are and what makes us content is when those moments of clarity happen leading to more unanswered questions being resolved, these questions are the ones that strike us at our lowest points. To love oneself they must know themselves. It’s about establishing an honest relationship with yourself which leads to existing with your mind in peace. This can be attained through meditation, yoga, journaling or any activity which leads to you being one with yourself.

Self-love leads to a positive mind

That state of mind of calmness and positivity that eludes us so often is one of the consequences of obtaining the ability to self-love. A positive mind results in high self-esteem because you are in sync with your decisions and the thought process that goes behind it. This can be achieved through focusing your mind on things and activities that make you happy. Sometimes it may take more effort than usual to force yourself to do that but this is the kind of pressure that you put on yourself only to reveal the diamond that you are!

Self-love leads to feeling gratitude

When you incorporate self-love in your life it not only improves your relationship with yourself but with the people around you such as your friends and family. When you can love yourself, you can accept the love that other people give you with gratitude because you believe you deserve it. You are no longer in a fight with yourself to comprehend how much love or how many compliments are justifiable. Self-love leads to accepting positivity with open arms.

Self-love leads to building better connections with people

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you are empowered with the confidence to hear people out because you see yourself worthy enough to be deeply involved in someone’s life which further deepens your relationship with that person. In that process you discover the similarities and are bold enough to face the differences because they don’t worry you anymore or rather self-love doesn’t let you see them as weaknesses anymore.

Now that we have discussed the importance and results of self-love, the one key suggestion from our end would be to look at yourself in the mirror once every day and give yourself 3 compliments and associate affirmations such as strong, beautiful, smart, lovely with yourself! Because that’s what you are! You are strong and you are enough!

With so much love and care,

HK Basics