What does right education for kids really mean?

Sana Rashid

Kids are like sponges, they will absorb what you voluntarily teach them and more importantly what you unconsciously teach them. The latter includes how you act around them, the words you speak, the approach you take to deal with a certain matter. Therefore, being aware of the right way to educate kids is extremely important.

Education is a vast term, it includes the books we study from in school, experiences of our elders, success stories around the world, actions of adults while growing up and more. Some kids are easy to teach and with some you have to put in that extra effort to beat the resistance, the hack is to be determined in your belief that every kid out there deserves a platform to learn and opportunities to showcase the outcome of those learnings. Being curious and inquisitive comes naturally to children considering it is their first time observing and processing their surroundings. Having the patience to deal with that curiosity is another very important factor that facilitates the process of right education.

Education is about empowering someone with the right skillset to face life, it is the ability to be able to decide right from wrong. And every single kid out there deserves that and to be able to understand what they should actually stand up for. Information related to anything under the sun is prevalent but having the capacity to interpret it in a way that it puts you in the path of positively contributing to the society is what right education equips you with.

It is not just about science, history and mathematics but values, social skills that form the structure for a balanced learning experience and it is our responsibility as the adults of the present to strengthen the grown ups of tomorrow.

Another pertinent aspect of balanced learning is to listen and observe what works for which child, is he or she more inclined towards numbers, colours or sports? When we pay attention we also teach focus and importance of detailing. And as a result we help in the making of not just attentive followers but wholesome leaders because they were encouraged to follow their heart.

As mainstream education is, it is also very subjective. What one learns in schools is the foundation for a great career and what that same kid learns at home decides how their personality will be moulded and formed. Hence, right education is all about first making sure every kid has access to books and good teachers while ensuring that the same kids receive values that add to the society positively.

So the real question is, when you look around and see the kids within and outside your homes, do you think they are aware of what is right from wrong along with the being equipped with the ability to read and understand what they are being fed in the form of news, graphics, actions?

How are our future leaders being supported?