What comes to your mind when you think about love?

Sana Rashid

Falling in love is quite an experience, isn’t it? Connecting with an individual and wanting to know everything about them. If things go in the right direction, then this emotion is followed by even stronger ones such as care, concern, sense of belongingness and more but never by judgement, negativity and doubt. Love is an extension of positivity so when someone says they love another person; why don’t we just focus on what that emotion stands for instead of concentrating on who the two people are?

LGBTQ+ stands for openness, acceptance and most importantly the right to live and love! It is not just a community but a movement because same gender love has existed for longer than we even know but the ability to acknowledge this phenomenon and giving birth to the term LGBTQ happened in the 90’s when this term was established. Since then this initiative has gathered the ever growing support of the sensible and woke individuals but at the same time unfortunately, the hate has also been evident. And it is our job to beat that hate as allies of the said LGBTQ community for the sake of humanity and for the sake of love.

There are multiple trending hashtags on social media and active real life warriors speaking for the cause and fighting the disrelish as more and more people are finding the strength to accept and own up to their sexual preferences. The bullies are unable to create terror the way they did but the fact that they are breaking the chain of acceptance by influencing people to hate needs to stop. We need to come together now more than ever and stand strong as a community that can harbour sub communities for the good of humanity and the future to be filled with people who can love and let people love.

  • Attend a pride parade
  • Offer support when you see an LGBTQ+ community member
  • Normalise same gender relationships. The change starts at home.
  • Educate the young ones about love without including gender stereotypes.
  • Support initiatives that strengthen the cause
  • Don’t shy away from standing up to a hater

The above are a few ways you can incorporate a conscious effort to show you are a facilitator of building a happy and open environment wherein, a kid won’t be scared to come out to their parents, a teen won’t be beaten up for “being different”, an adult won’t have to commit to someone they don’t love and spend eternity thinking “what if” and “why not”.

Small efforts lead to bigger changes further causing a revolution! Be someone who inspires another to inspire!

So now the big question remains - Are you an ally?

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics