Ways to start your day in a healthy and happy way

Sana Rashid

Tackling morning routines can be a challenging one especially since all of us have been going through multiple changes in daily patterns on how one was spending their time pre Covid times compared to where they stand post Covid. Mornings can be mayhem or magical and that completely depends on your approach towards the start of the day. If you are a late to bed and early to rise kind of person then waking up can feel rather brutal and we all are familiar with that feeling! But why be either an early happy riser or a grumpy one? Why not meet the mornings half way, where it brings you the freshness for the day and you give it a smile instead of the usual snub!

Read along for ways to start off your day with a combination of health and happiness!

Let the Aroma of scented candles wake you up Fill your sleeping space with soothing aromatic candles and light them up at night so you wake up feeling like a blooming flower in the middle of a garden!

Stretch it up! Many health experts have stressed upon the importance of giving your bodies that stress relieving stretch right after you hop out of bed. Therefore, we suggest you dream of the stars and wake up reaching for the sky by elongating your spine and stretching out your arms and legs!

Smile away that morning grumpiness Make a promise to yourself to let the first thought in your mind right after you wake up be the reason for you to smile and start your day on a happy and grateful note! No matter what our troubles and our struggles, we always have that one reason to smile and keep fighting. Let that reason be the motivation for you to smile.

Blend it up! Take all the fruits in the house, shove them in the blender and let the smoothie work its magic! That smoothie is going to make you feel like royalty early in the morning considering the full tummy and healthy glow. You know what they say, breakfast should be done like kings and queens!

Let’s move it move it! Give that metabolism a wake-up call and energise your body! Go for a run or just dance to your favorite song. That boost will give you the energy to face the entire day head on!

Un-fog the fogginess Many thoughts crossing our mind first thing in the morning gets extremely overwhelming. Take a deep breath and go step by step. Making a check list the day before comes in very handy in such situations followed by focusing on the first item on the list in the morning and proceeding step by step.

We wish you beautiful and happy mornings and will continue to give you tips on various day to day life activities.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics