Ways to decorate your room with handmade things

Sana Rashid

Looking for ways to add a hint of creativity in your everyday space? We are here to help you with just that! Why should one restrict themselves when it comes to the creative flow of setting up the décor of your room when there are so many ways you can improvise and customise the look and feel by just a few simple efforts with some art and craft!

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Paper cut outs on a string

You can grab a few or a little more than a few handmade sheets in vibrant colours and cut them out in shapes of hearts, stars or anything and put them on a string. This decorative piece will look stunning on the wall behind your bed or around your mirror.

Stick it up!

This is one of the most sought after DIY ways to turn your room into a super attractive space! Take a thick paper in your choice of colour, maybe black! And draw butterflies on it, cut them out and draw designs/doodles on them using glitter pens and then stick them up on your wall! You can even cut out a combination of colours such as black and hot pink and then stick them across your wall to form a shape of hearts or more!

Polaroids on fairy lights

This one is the simplest yet most gorgeous ways to highlight a corner of your room. All you have to do is click polaroid pictures of loves ones and stick those up on a fairy light of your choice and hang that literal string of memories in your favourite corner of the room!

Sticky notes with messages

You can have your dear ones write messages for you on sticky notes and you yourself can write a couple of inspirational quotes on a few and then put up those sticky notes on a space of your wall to be constantly reminded that you are loved and motivated to achieve anything

Dream catchers

Putting together dream catchers might be a little complicated but the results of those efforts give you the most positive vibes forever! You can customise the dream catcher to reflect your choice in colours and add your touch in the details of it! For example, you can add shells to your dream catcher and let it work its magic and catch your beachy dreams to turn them into a reality! Well you never know what works right? One can always hope and believe. Its all about the faith you put into something.

These are just some ways to decorate your room in a stunning yet classy manner with simple DIY tricks.

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