Want to know how to accessorise your hair in style?

HK Basics

Can you imagine that there is actually a trend going around right now that is affordable, diverse and looks flattering on anyone who gives it a shot! And yes, it is functional too.

Hair accessories were almost an alien concept to be applied in day to day life. It would only be considered during important occasions such as weddings with only traditional options available such a flowers, family heirlooms but now there is a classy and fashionable option available for any situation, be it work, small get together with friends, date night (virtual or physical). It is a trend that just fits perfectly with anyone who is willing to try and we implore you to not miss out on it with all the exquisite and minimal pieces available out there.

We just introduced some fashionable options to our very own wide range of products as a festive special launch.

Read along to check out the various styles that you can accommodate to your OOTDs!

Marble Clips

Price: INR 389

You heard us! We just introduced the most beautiful hair clips that extends marble aesthetics to your hairstyles.

These clips will exemplify your casual looks to make it look even more on trend.

Available in a set of 4

Apt for: Daily Wear

Chiffon Head Bands

Price: INR 329

Head bands prove to be your rescuer on bad hair days, you can just push it all back in a cute look, add earrings and you’re set. Additionally, this hair accessory adds the perfect finish to ensembles! It literally completes your look, be it a maxi dress and slip ons, oversized shirt with pants, pant suits! A headband is your go-to look enhancer.

Available in single piece

Apt for: Daily wear and occasions

Minimalist modern hair pin

Price: INR 299

Our modern hair pins are absolutely ethereal, you can braid your hair and add one of these babies to completely transform your look into an even more elegant one.

Available in a set of 2

Apt for: Daily wear, special occasions

Minimal elastic Scrunchies

Price: 549

Scrunchies are back and how! With a stunning stripe print on super neutral shades you can pair any of the 4 colors we have available with a cute top and denims and be all set to look adorable throughout the day.

Available in a set of 4

Apt for: Daily Wear

You can shop on our website to get your hands on any of the above and never worry about a bad hair day again.

Hair accessories give you the opportunity to break away from mundane looks and stand out.

Hope we were helpful in suggesting stylish looks using simple hair clips.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics.