Top 18 Trendy iPhone Cases

HK Basics

iPhones are pretty durable, but dropping yours from a high point or onto its screen could lead to a costly repair or replacement. Rather than risking damage to your phone, we recommend selecting a case that would keep your iPhone safe. If you are looking for it, then HK Basics is the right choice for you. Our cases are not only purely aesthetically pleasing and inspiring but are also designed to be durable, keeping your phone from dents, scratches, and cracks.

Trying to find trendy & reasonable iPhone cover options that would protect your iPhone in new year? Well, we did it for you.

Here are some of our best and top-selling trendy cases to choose from for your every mood and event.

Here are our top picks for the best iPhone Cases.


Nature-Inspired Cases

People who understand that nature and people are part of one system are always rooted in nature. These are a few options for the best protective iPhone cases that are inspired by nature.

1. Crescent Moon iPhone Case

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A full body cover with an in-built stand, this phone case has a surreal design that is inspired by the moon. For all the selenophiles out there, isn’t this the perfect option?

2. Electroplated Purple Leaves iPhone Case

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Wanna experience autumn with the hinge of purple case? Well, this iPhone cover gives off similar vibes. This iPhone case has it all, from pastel colour, to camera bumper, to fall protection.

3. Mint Summer iPhone Case

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Get summer vibes all year long with our ‘Mint Summer iPhone Case’. With camera bumper protection and shockproof edges, this is the perfect option for people who like minimal yet aesthetic iPhone covers.

Obviously Abstract Cases

These phone cases are not only the best in protection, but they also give you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece.

4. Faces Line Art iPhone Case

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Isn’t it fascinating how just a few strokes of lines can turn into abstract art? This ‘Faces Line Art iPhone Case’ is subtle, minimal, and provides ultimate protection to your investment.

5. Mystic Abstract iPhone Case

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With a soothing colour palette and abstract art, this "Mystic Abstract Apple iPhone Case" offers great protection and an uber sophisticated look.

6. Electroplated Mauve Abstract iPhone Case

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Cosmo vibe or just just strokes of paint, it depends on the perception of an individual. This trending ‘Electroplated Mauve Abstract iPhone Case’ offers a cool palette with protection in just the right places.

7. Pastel Stamps iPhone Case

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With a pastel palette and ultimate protection, our Pastel Stamps iPhone Case’ is the perfect option for anyone who yearns for a subtle yet artistic look for their iPhone cases.

Look-Good Feel-Good Cases

Got ready and still don’t feel complete? Don’t worry our statement pieces have got you ‘covered’ *wink wink.

8. Artistic Cut Out iPhone Case

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HK Basics’ ‘Artistic Cut Out iPhone Case’ screams dope. This unisex option is great for anyone who wants to match their iPhone case with their ‘LOOK’.

9. Classy Double Edge iPhone Case

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With the hint of white on the edges, this ‘Classy Double Edge iPhone Case’ by HK Basics is the best option to add an element of  awe to your OOTDs.

10. Abstract Leather Texture 2.0 iPhone Case

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Want something that is more than just an iPhone case? Well, this ‘Abstract Leather Texture 2.0 iPhone Case’ comes with a leather strap, which you can use to style while planning your outfit for an event.

11. Holographic Bomber iPhone Case

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What better than a ‘Holographic Bomber iPhone Case’ to pair with your bomber jacket? With ultimate protection and dope look this is perfect for accessorizing your iPhone.

Be the Special Cases

Need an iPhone cover to amp up your look that is dripping with sophistication? Then these trendy iPhone cases are the perfect options for you.

12. Achromatic Premium Leather
iPhone Case

On Sale

Monotone never looked so good. Buy ‘Achromatic Premium Leather iPhone Case’ and keep the look of your phone as classy as you are.

13. Premium Suede Texture Camera Protection iPhone Case

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Need an affordable option that still maintains the class of your investment? Well, ‘Premium Suede Texture Camera Protection iPhone Case’ is the perfect option for you.

14. PU Vegan Leather Textured iPhone Case

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Need a leather look for your trendy iPhone cover but still want to be considerate towards nature? Look no further than HK Basics' "PU Vegan Leather Textured iPhone Case", with real to touch feeling, this has a perfect leather texture and is available in exciting colours.

15. Alcantara iPhone Case

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Luxury could not come at a better deal than this. The most premium in line ‘Alcantara iPhone Case’ by HK Basics is made out of real Alcantara material and is just the best. Grab it while the stock lasts.

Back to the Roots Cases

Never forget where you come from; the essence of beginning, the aspects that inspired the journey from nothing to something. Here’s a few options for people who want to embrace their roots.


16. Hope faith love iPhone Case

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Aren’t hope, faith, and love the foundation of everything in this universe? Stay rooted to it with our trendy ‘Hope Faith Love iPhone Case’ while keeping your iPhone protected.

17. Nirvana iPhone Case

On Sale

The state of nothingness is ironically a very heavy emotion, while it encompasses everything, it still owns nothing. Embrace the simplicity of nothingness with HK Basics’ Nirvana iPhone Case

18. Raskog Recycled iPhone Case

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By nature, for nature and to nature are the basic principles that one should follow. ‘Raskog Recycled iPhone Case’ is an environment aware initiative by HK Basics. It is made with 100% recycled plastic, which helps in cut down on the mass of toxic elements in nature.


We hope that these inspiring iPhone covers will surely make it to your list. Buy the best in class, protection, design and many more persona-oriented trendy iPhone cases exclusively available at HK Basics. Unlock elusive deals, exciting offers, and express shipping while ordering from HK Basics. We hope to serve you now and forever.