Tips to organise your work space better

Sana Rashid

Held in lockdown but at the same time being an active professional calls for a work space that helps you stay in the zone while adding productively to your process of getting things done. This could mean different things for different people, the essence remains common which is to have things in order so that you look forward to being in that space. At offices, we do not have the power or time to experiment and customise the work station much but at home you have that freedom. You have the liberty to organise better and therefore, work better.

Here are a few ways we suggest to structure the way you get your job done at home:

Toss it away

Oftentimes, after long working hours we forget to declutter our working space and end up facing that mess the next day and progressively more the day after that, which reduces our motivation to get up and work, it is the subconscious mind that takes a hit and creates a negative impact on our actual outlook towards the space. You feel less motivated to spend time in the clutter. Take that step today and clear everything out! Only keep what you need on that desk.

Get Organisers

Folders are a great way to compartmentalise important documents. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing what you need is safe and protected. The uneasy feeling of not being able to get your hands on something you need at the right time breaks the work flow and diminishes the creative process.

Curb those cable wires

Considering the multiple electronic devices that accompany us during our working hours, we must always keep in mind those cable wires that come with them. You don’t want to spill your morning coffee over tangled wires. Always make sure that you have a clear path dedicated to link your chargers with the power sockets. Trust us! these little changes make all the difference.

Move out your personal items

An important way to establish the relationship between you and your daily work tasks is to only have in front of you the things that facilitate your process of producing substantial outcome at the end of the day. Avoid keeping anything that breaks that flow and reminds you of a personal chore in the middle of an important call or task. Keep a track of the time to make sure you get your breaks but before that make sure that you have a dedicated space and every little detail of it only relates to your job.

Organise your desktop

It will take less than an hour, delete the unnecessary folders and keep your desktop clear so that only your important documents are actively present and act as a clear reminder every day of the tasks you need to get on with. To support the physical aspects of your work space you need to make sure your devices are in sync with that aesthetic.

We hope to have given you important suggestions on how to make your working space welcoming and minimal.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics