Sana Rashid

Today’s blog is going to be the one that pushes you to take that leap of faith and choose believing your heart sometimes instead of just focusing on what’s more practical. Being real matters because it helps you keep a clear head but don’t let that hamper your ability to let your emotional strength contribute to your decision making process. It could be a personal or professional dilemma or a personal problem affecting your professional life or vice versa, what matters is that you are not letting just one part of your mind be the boss. You always hear people say “mind over body” but why not “listen to your body and take a decision with your mind”. Maintaining that healthy combination helps you keep a more sustainable approach towards life because no matter how much we succeed or fail to achieve something, it just ends up becoming a journey and what you are left with is the power to decide how you will sustain what you have won or achieved.

We encourage you to never stop yourself from gaining that power and the only way you can have the courage to get there is by believing in your ability to bet on yourself every now and then and never forget to:

Take a chance because you matter and your thoughts matter.

Take a chance because you can and maybe the person next you does not have that privilege.

Take a chance because otherwise you will never know and you might get stuck in the loop of “what could have been”

Take a chance because you may fail and win a hundred times stronger the next time you try.

Take a chance because you really only live once and the combination of the same opportunity, people or place is unlikely to occur in the exact same way.

Take a chance because it will make you bolder, stronger and more confident.

Take a chance because even if you hit rock bottom the only way to go after that is up!

Take a chance because it will make a difference, small or big but it will.

Take a chance because you don’t know who you might inspire to take one when their time comes.

But most importantly, take a chance because life and people may surprise you.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics