Retail therapy in the time of Covid

Sana Rashid

While we are taking all the precautions to ensure safety there are still things we miss that gave us joy like going to your favourite store and getting that touch and feel experience with the products you want to take back home. Retail therapy makes us happy because we reward ourselves with things that make us look good or facilitate convenience in our lives.

The good news is we can still give ourselves the privilege of that excitement by focusing more on the efforts brands now a days are making to make shopping from home a convenient experience. Online shopping may deprive us of that outing for the day but the pure ecstatic feeling of introducing new products in our lives is still the same.

Read along to see why we should not give up on shopping even though we are stuck at home!

Brands are being more careful than ever Products are being carefully curated to suit your needs to make sure your current requirements are being tended to without any hassles. Be it work from home or finding a cute accessory or clothing piece for those zoom meetings and parties.

Multitasking is the new game we are all winning at! You can shop in between tasks like cooking, cleaning, working. You don’t have to specially take out time for that purpose since online stores are now becoming the go to stores for any shopping needs.

Focus on decorating your personal space spending 9-10 hours in travel and at our work stations in offices barely left us with any time to make upgrades to the space we come back home to, our safe haven. You can finally take out time to get all your home décor needs in place with all the wonderful options available online.

Declutter and get new things in This is the perfect time to get all the old and worn out things out and fill your space with new items, fill your wardrobe with new ensembles so that you are ready to make a stunning impression once the lockdown is lifted!

These are just a few reasons why retail therapy should still be on your check list for that “me time”.  

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With so much love and care,

HK Basics