Photography Hacks

Sana Rashid

Photography is a pleasing activity for many of us to capture a loving moment, gorgeous view or just something you saw that interprets a certain idea in your mind best. To ensure a stunning outcome there are various approaches we take especially when it comes to capturing the perfect image for your blog or Instagram.

So without delaying even a second let’s dive into various hacks that can help you get that stunning instagrammable picture!

White foam for background

Let those products/items pop in all its glory with a white background. The images come out really clean, neat and structured with optimal focus on the product itself. You can create various combinations of colours and items and be rest assured your vision will materialise with the background being crystal clear.

Investment in the right equipment

We understand that equipment required for a shoot of any scale turns out pretty heavy on the pocket especially the lenses and other accessories. Therefore, you must run a thorough research on what you require exactly and how aptly it will support your photography approach. This is a very basic hack we miss out on in a rush to just get to the main part of the photography process.

Keeping the weather in mind

Keep a constant track of the weather to catch the right amount of light for your shoots. Natural light is the most sought after but to achieve that one must be constantly updated with the weather chart and work their shoots around the same.

Reflector for the gloomy days

On the days you have no control over the light and the surrounding is just grey and dull, the best way to turn the day around is by using a reflector to reflect the light that is incoming back onto the photo to make it brighter!

Inclusion of negative space

Including negative space to your final images is a great idea to emphasise the subject. Besides that, it also facilitates the process of keeping the final photo neat and easy on the eyes.

Practice is the name of the game

No matter how perfect you get or how far from it you still are don’t forget to practice, practice and practice! This will help you get to know your camera better, explore various settings, the hit and trials may lead to some master pieces and most importantly you will keep getting more comfortable with your process.

Hope we could help you up your game at photography with these hacks and suggestions.

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With so much love and care,

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