Maintaining a Social Life in the time of Covid 19

Sana Rashid

Finding ourselves in a situation where we are overwhelmed by the entire concept of the “new normal” has been quite a roller coaster ride. It all started with first understanding and processing the new changes to now working our way around living them. In all of the chaos, if there is one thing that has stayed constant is our need for conversations. As social beings, it is in our blood to achieve happiness through relationships and nothing beats that cup of coffee/glass of wine with a friend talking endlessly about how life is treating us. And if there is one thing we have learned with this new way of life, it is improvisation!  

Yes! You heard us, we are all masters at it now, especially on how to maintain a social life even in lockdown. Read along to see how we prove our point! 

 Virtual Dates with the Girlfriends



Who is virtually dating whom? Who’s latest instagram post was super fashionable? What songs are you listening to? How is she staying that fit?! And OMG did you check out his latest cute picture?

Yes yes! we know that these are questions one must address with the girlfriends and so what if meeting at a nice lounge and gossiping over a couple of martinis is not possible?! Friday nights are not about club hopping anymore but getting on your laptop, logging in and seeing happy faces on the screen while we talk about all the juicy topics from the entire week! This is a therapy session no girl would mind!

 Zoom Birthday Parties


 It is almost 12! And your best friend’s birthday! What do you do? Rush to the car to drive to their house or pick up that shot glass if you are already there. Well, yes that’s pre corona stuff now. What do you do now? Wear your favorite lip shade (that would pop on a video call of course!), wear a pretty top, get a drink, Join that zoom meeting and 3..2..1 Hapyy Birthday!!

Corona or not, we don’t miss celebrating a loved one!

Group exercises on Video call

Oh now this is a special one! Self-care is the answer to all the problems in the world.. well most! And what better way to stay fit while at home with all that easily accessible food around us all day! Thanks to multiple apps you and your workout buddy can simply get on the same schedule and get that booty workout done while pumping each other up! What do they say? “Where there is a will there's a way!” Or is it “Where there is a will there is a bae... ready to stay fit with you”

Virtual Happy hour with friends


 It's Saturday night! It’s the night we reward ourselves after being good all week! It’s the night you open that bottle of beer(s) and dance the night off along with all the stress from the long week. Yes, again we were referring to pre corona times. But here we are, the masters of improvisation! We still open that bottle of wine or whiskey or was it vodka? Who cares?! Its Saturday! And we get on a video call with our buddies and still drink the night away!

Who loves taking screenshots of their passed out friends on video call? 

While we have all embraced and come up with ways to not just live but make the best of the new normal, we know how much the wait to go back to the way things were gets us a little uneasy here and there. But we would like to remind you that times will only get better and until then a virtual cheers to all of you for making the most of what you have!

With so much love and care,

HK Basics