Life hacks to help you organise your thoughts better

Sana Rashid

Hey guys! We are back with a new blog, this time we bring you a few tips on how to declutter your mind and streamline your thoughts to focus on your actual check list and get things done! Let’s start off by discussing - "organise your thoughts?" Wait… What does that even mean? Well, you know that overwhelming feeling when suddenly it feels like the entire world’s troubles are on your shoulders and your life depends on it. Yes, That feeling! It can be easily avoided by creating a structure for the things that need to be done and going about it one step at a time.

You could be a full time parent, employed with a demanding job, preparing for exams, planning a wedding etc and when things are going south which by the way they always do, it is only natural to instantly want to fix everything! Every journey comes with its waves of troubles only to make you stronger and more in control of your emotions and actions. Your mind may be struck with ten ways at the same time on how to make the situation better and you feel this urge to get started on all at once but what you are actually doing is creating a mess in your mind. Now what if we take a deep breath and divide those ten ways into compartments of actual materialisation i.e when which idea would fit best and give you the most productive results. This way now it’s not a cloud of thoughts but a clear plan. A plan that is in control and ready to be implemented.

Let’s discuss a few life hacks to bring ourselves to a point of self actualisation to equip ourselves better when a storm of thoughts hits us.

Document it!

We have 3 words to say you, 3 words that will change your life! And they are.. Write. Things. Down. The importance of documenting thoughts is always the most underestimated and underrated one. You have to give this one a shot because this way you don’t have to add the stress of remembering what is it that you figured out on top of why you figured something out in the first place! See how confusing just that sentence got.

Draw that infamous line, yes! Deadline

It is so important to have a time schedule for everything. Whenever you plan something during a crisis or otherwise, seeing the plan through becomes a subconscious need which when not acknowledge just adds onto the anxiety. The deadlines don’t always have to be tight but they need to exist so that there is a period of time dedicated to that buffer in case of any deviations.

Do no bargain

By this we mean, don’t raise questions to your own thoughts. If something feels right just go for it. Don’t procrastinate. We know that is way easier said than done but one has to start somewhere right? And more than we realize, we ourselves end up becoming the reason for delaying addressing a thought because we bargain. “Let’s deal with this tomorrow” What’s the rush?”. Let us try to avoid that next time.

Share the burden

Last not but not the least, share your thoughts. Share the burden, don’t transfer it onto someone but vent, talk, communicate, listen and slow down. This is a very important step while organising your thoughts. How one delegates work to ensure proper flow of responsibilities. Similarly, one must share to see how much of those thoughts can be handled by someone else in the form of action. Do not let yourself get crushed by the weight of your own anxiousness, you will be surprised to see how many people can help when you make an effort to reach out.

We hope to have left you with some food for thought on the need for streamlining the rush of words that fills our mind every now and then.

Don’t just organise the interior of your rooms but that of your minds as well!

With so much love and care,

HK Basics