Let’s talk about the pros and cons of online Gaming

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If you are a part of the ever growing netizen community, then you know about the madness and depth of impact that lies in online gaming with adolescents spending upto 80% of their day and night on the PS. And it is not just the kids but the adults too! Every time a new play station is launched, the buzz and excitement is no less than a latest Apple product launching. The whole experience of gaming has led to extreme results with some ending up with even more sharpened minds and some losing themselves so much into the world of fantasy that they lose track of their real life and responsibilities, so committing to this life has both upsides and downsides.

Let’s discuss the influence of online gaming in one’s life in both a positive and negative light!

What’s good?

  • Encourages decisiveness: Taking charge as a virtual character and making life and death decisions so to speak builds a sense of ownership wherein, you find the confidence to take charge.
  • Strengthens Memory: Many online games require you to memorise certain information such as maps, routes and it helps develop strong recall power. Therefore, serves as a good mental exercise.
  • Motivating source: Seeing fellow players excel and having a viewership for your own gaming tactics leads to a boost in confidence and overall motivation.
  • Break from mundane schedules: Life can get quite monotonous every now and then and having a parallel virtual life that helps you break away from the usual routine serves as a refreshing pause.
  • Who knows where it could lead? : Online gaming comes with career options as well with budding inclination towards getting into behind the scenes of the gaming world, developing interesting ones or even make money out of playing on various platforms through competitions.

What’s bad?

  • Losing track of time: You could end up procrastinating important tasks to make time for gaming or lose track of your day while you’re immersed in playing your favourite games and that oftentimes is followed by regret.
  • Isolation from society: Gamers tend to cut ties from the real life and responsibilities because of their 100% dedication to completing the game.
  • Aggressive attitude: After being super motivated to win if a player loses, some end up being sore losers and that leads to aggressiveness.

While every habit as its pros and cons, there is a sense of belongingness it brings along with it, leading to meeting people with similar interests eventually building a community becoming a part of something bigger than you.

Online gaming is one of the biggest obsessions globally with a flourishing fan base and multiple sub communities. No one person or platform can pass a verdict on whether it is worth it or not to dedicate a certain amount of your day playing a virtual character but we can always discuss and talk about where we stand.

So which side are you more inclined towards?

With so much love and care,

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