Interesting ways to use a notebook

Sana Rashid

They say books are a man’s best friend, we say a notebook is an even better friend! A confidant of sorts. It can be the perfect receiver of your thoughts documenting all important aspects of your life that need to be written down for future references.

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If you like to plan ahead of time and have all your activities in your order, it is very important to have one notebook dedicated for that purpose. Therefore, planning must be accompanied with consistency in your pattern of how you go about it. The benefits of having a planner are many such as documentation, time management and more.

Curating thoughts and ideas

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So many times we have an amazing idea or thought related to something but days or months later when we can actually implement it, we fail to forget. And sure there is an app for everything today but nothing beats the smell of a used diary that to one that includes important ideas of your past self almost like a gift for your present self. So come on! Give that gift to the future you and secure your pertinent thoughts today!


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Spirituality is not just about taking deep breaths; it also includes communicating with the inner depths of your mind by noting down things that have made you in the past or affected you deeply. Sometimes, venting through written words gives more peace than spoken ones.

Listing your goals and tracking them

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One must have goals for a consistent path to walk on and an aim to work towards but what is even more important is to pen down those goals and how you are going to achieve them so that you have check points to turn to, milestones to cross and a way of appreciating, acknowledging and documenting that progress.

We hope to have stirred the need for noting things down and how one can use notebooks not just for attractive stationery aesthetics but useful and productive ways to improve our approach towards life.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics