How to keep alive that travel bug in you

Sana Rashid

First, a long deep breath because this is something we can all relate to. Travel is the one real break away from everything that we have built as a daily schedule for life. It is a way to recharge ourselves quite literally because at the end of the day we are all running like machines eventually at some point feeling low on motivation to do anything and therefore, we travel. Otherwise, we travel for love, family, work and a change of environment gives us the much needed rejuvenation to resume normalcy.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where the alternative to take off and explore another location in the country or world is unfortunately not possible. What is important here is to keep reminding ourselves that it is not possible right now. Key words – Not possible right now. There is hope and assurance that soon we will be back to a new and improved way of life which will include the joy of travel. And we want you to be ready for that time by preparing for it, thinking about it and attracting all the positive vibes!

Make a Wishlist

Put together a travel wishlist in your planner of all the cities you would like to visit once the lockdown is lifted and prepare a checklist on who you would like to travel with, what clothes would you carry and the shopping you need to do for it. This will keep your spirits up and keep ready with you a list of cities and everything you will need for when its time!

Vision Board

Vision boards are all about putting out into the universe exactly what you envision for yourself. These are things you dream of for the future and attract for the coming days. We try so many things to make our plans materialise so why not give something so pure and creative a shot? Pick a city, get started on cutting out pictures of it from different sources and put it all up and let the dream be known to the universe and wait for the magic to spin.

Discuss with friends

Just because you can’t book your tickets for someplace with your travel buddies right away or worse! You had to cancel your tickets doesn’t mean you lose heart. We have to keep making plans and discussing them. Call a small group of friends over, keep a theme dinner party or turn that Sunday brunch into a pseudo beach party. Keep the hope alive and believe that soon we will all be living our travel dreams.

Learn about the place you want to visit

Keep reading and learning about the places you want to visit, this way when the time comes and you are actually there, you will be in true terms less of a tourist and more of an explorer.

Get cooking!

Why not learn the recipes of cuisines belonging to the city you want to visit! This will be a fun activity to pass time at home along with getting your taste palettes prepped for the yummy meals you will be surrounded with.

We hope to have motivated you to keep that travel lover alive in your heart. Additionally, you can get one of our HK Basics city cases (available in both Indian and global edition) of the city you would like to explore next and let it  be a constant reminder that you will get there, sooner than you think!

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With so much love and care,

HK Basics