How are you keeping the kids busy at home during lockdown?

Sana Rashid

Keeping the little ones entertained can be quite a task especially when the duration of you fulfilling that role increases with schools, playschools being shut during lockdown. As much as you love them and live for them, let’s be honest the love sort of takes a back seat during certain moments when it’s a full house, chores need to be done, work is at its peak.

So it is really important for parents to chart out their day’s schedule in a way that the burgeoning stress of holding the fort doesn’t overwhelm the adults of the house. This schedule can be divided in two parts, one wherein you actively participate with your child in the set activities and the rest involves your children keeping themselves entertained while you can focus on your work or simply get that me time you very much deserve.

Step 1 – Get that schedule in place

Step 2 – Division of the day between “Me and the kids” and “Me” time

“Me and the Kids” Time can include the below activities:

Paint Party

Colours have a huge impact on our minds and our overall mood. Let your kids access their creative sides by playing with colours and painting their hearts out. Sure, this might get a bit messy but it will surely keep the little ones busy. If you are not a big fan of liquid paints, you can give them colour pencils, pens, stick ons and lots of empty sheets to get themselves busy with some art therapy. You can reward this process by putting some up on the fridge, walls of the kids’ room. This will give them incentive to be involved in the activity.

Heart to Hearts

With the busy hectic lives, a lot of moments are missed to pass on valuable lessons to your kids or just know what is going on in their lives and how they are doing. It is a pertinent part of providing a healthy childhood and can be achieved by incorporating the importance of communication and building approachability in your child.


Getting the kids involved in household activities will build a sense of responsibility and ownership. You can assign tasks, even if it is just making sure there is water at the table during meals or taking out the garbage. Or you can make them do the dishes with you, this will give you time with your kid while keeping them busy

“Me Time” can involve the below self-entertaining activities for the kids:

DIY activities

Making thank you cards and distributing them in hospitals or giving one to every delivery guy will leave a positive impact on your child while learning the act of acknowledging the good around you. This is just one example of many such DIY activities that you can add to your schedule.

Give them a wall for canvas

If there is an empty ignored wall in your home, let your kid take over it and give them the gift of an empty canvas that they can fill up slowly and gradually with however they would like to express themselves. This will strengthen the ability of self-expression in them.

Learning Time

Besides the assigned virtual school time, you can sign up your kids for online learning classes for artistic or educational activities. This will help distract them from the usual screen time playing games or watching shows and cartoons.

Hope the above will help you involve your children in daily activities productively while giving you structure in your day to day lockdown lives.

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics