Hey Guys! How is the quarantine time treating you? 

While in lockdown a lot of aspects of our lives have changed and who knows with what new skills or personalities we are going to come out of this interesting yet challenging phase but what we do know and can control is how we manage this time and the little details that will make it a more comforting space for us to be in. 

You see your friends’ Instagram stories and suddenly someone is a chef now, someone is setting up a kitchen garden or learning a new instrument, then there are those who are binging on everything on Netflix and just chilling and for some of us this has been a whole new adjustment with shifting from those daily commute to work and seeing our colleagues to now logging in from home and coordinating on zoom calls/whatsapp/google meetings. Today’s blog is for our “Work from home” gang! 

After being set on a routine to be in a certain place around the same faces, it can be hard to be isolated and do the same work but there is always that one aspect of every situation that makes things brighter and more fun and with this blog we would like to highlight those exact little attributes curated in the form of a “Work From Home” checklist and how HK Basics wants to add value to your work days and make it even more efficient and productive by introducing premium quality products that will fit into your daily schedule like a charm! 

Even though you’re home, a work space which is dedicated to everything related to your job including your basic essentials doesn’t just result in better output but helps you stay in that zone which has now become a substantial struggle when working from home. 

Here are a few must haves we recommend for your work space, to fill it with colours, utility and more!

Marble Design Soft Texture Notebook | 96 Sheets, 7MM Ruled Lines.

Marble Design Soft Textured Cover A5 Size Diary | Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Rs. 549

Making notes has never been so fun! The modern design builds an appealing aesthetic around your work space and actually makes you look forward to writing down those important minutes of meeting! We have multiple enticing designs available in our range of notebooks so have your pick!

Box Sturdy 2B Pencils 12 PCS Each - 3 Pastel Colours.

2B Pencils Pack of 3 - Rs. 340

These classic pencils are super sturdy and smooth to write those critical notes that you would like to edit later and the cherry on the top is the gorgeous pastel body and overall structure. They are the first ever matte finish pencils to be launched in india! These pencils are also darker than most and super easy to sharpen and use so it’s safe to say they are an artist’s dream come true!

Pastel Colour Pens 5 pcs.|  Black/Blue Colour.

Pastel Gel Pens - Rs. 20

Why should you stick to those boring ball and gel pens you have been using since as long as one can remember? We experiment with everything nowadays! So might as well give an upgrade to your basic stationary to match your vibrant personalities! 

Sticky Notes

Note to self: Keep it going! It’s always almost Friday :D

Let these sticky notes be your new cheerleaders and help you get through the work week because hey! Even though it could be a Monday, it is still almost Friday! Well almost.. ; )

File Holder - Never Grow Old 

Filing important documents never looked so good! With our attractive and durable range of folders, storing critical documents will be a fun activity!

Here at HK Basics, we try to procure every possible yet unique item that is too tough to find at a local site/store. Shop for these classic pieces online only at HKbasics.com. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our HK Basics family of happy customers.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics