Do you care about the health of your mental state?

Sana Rashid

We ask you this out right today because we want the answer to this question to be a reflection of your understanding of mental health. You will know exactly where you stand on this concern because at the end of the day what holds us together is our mind and it is also what leads to us breaking down sometimes. Taking care of our mind is as important as taking care of our calcium and vitamin levels.

When you feel hungry what do you do? You eat. In response to your body’s demand you satiate that need by consuming food. When you don’t take action on this urge, your blood sugar drops, you feel agitated and even angry. It is such a common occurrence that there is an even more common trendy term for it now “Hangry”. With such ease we acknowledge every requirement that needs to be fulfilled to survive except mental health.

The problem is we don’t ask ourselves enough number of times that “what is the hold up?” Why are there still so many stereotypes and must there really exist a stigma around simple statements such as “She couldn’t do it because she was sad”. Being able to keep it together even when you feel your world is falling apart should be a conscious choice and not a result of suppressing one’s emotions. It should be a mark of strength and not weakness hiding behind a façade.

Brush your teeth – Check

Wash Your Face – Check

Smart Outfit – Check

Breakfast – Check

Asking how I am feeling? – Please do check

The above should be your morning routine every single day similar to how vitals are checked when unwell. Understanding that our mind needs us as much as we need it is of paramount importance.

When you feel drained out, overworked or overburdened with thoughts, listen to yourself. Breathe and decipher what is that you need. It is not easy to indulge in personal conversations even with the closest to us when feeling completely down by a certain incident or multiple events but at the same time one must find the courage to take a step and decide the best plan of action when in a situation like that.

Reach out to a professional and give yourself the assurance that this is just like visiting the doctor when down with a fever. As much as you normalize these events of life, the more you will be able to spread the word regarding the same in your circles and without knowing you will set in motion a change, almost a revolution of sorts in its own momentum and intensity.

So next time when you see someone out of sorts, reach out to them and ask what happened and lend them an ear because it’s not always that an upset individual is looking for a shoulder to cry on but just someone to give them the space and assurance that they are seen and understood and if need be, they will be helped.

So who have you helped lately?

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics