Do you adopt or shop?

HK Basics

Scientific studies have shown many benefits of keeping a pet such as cats and dogs and many of us have pets considering the immense love we have to give these fur balls. They support our mental health, protect us, love us and become family. They don’t care if we are rich or poor as long as we feed and pet them, so why are some of us so obsessed with the breed of the pet rather than focusing on the bond we build with them.

This incessant need to get an expensive pet has led to many unspeakable tragedies. Shelters and foster care systems for animals often end up losing the resources to sustain facilities for all animals on board and hence, a large number of these animals end up being euthanized. Breeders are encashing on the obsession of kids and adults with fancy looking pets by forcing and drugging animals to breed and mint money over the newborns.

The people and organisations that actually want to support the cause of animal rights are struggling because of the constant competition faced by breeders. Money that can be donated to such NGOs or foster homes is being directed towards maintaining the lavish lifestyles of the pets that are bought by people. When all a pet really needs is love and food.

Every day on social media there is news related crimes against animals or unfortunate events such as accidents yet, there exists no long term solution or a system to fight this menace. People need to be educated on the real benefits of adopting over shopping, they need to be shown the dark side of this entire situation to truly understand why we need to take immediate action.

If you are looking for a pet, we implore you to adopt. You can even foster and see how it goes for you and in case of not being able to continue the stay of the animal in your home, you can support NGOs or establishments that exist for this cause. Even a small penny goes a long way. Basic nourishment is a farfetched dream for many of the adorable fluffs out there.

You can search and find the closest organization to you and facilitate this movement and encourage everyone around you to adopt a little puppy or kitten in need of a home rather than giving business to the breeders who are in it only and only for the money.

We need to collectively work towards this cause and here’s hope that we do.

With so much love and care,

Team HK Basics