Benefits of Gardening

Sana Rashid

As human beings we have a tendency to latch on to activities and get hooked for happiness or pleasure and as much as we can’t control this impulse we do always have the power to redirect it towards the most beneficial hobbies. This ends up being a win win situation because our mind gets the release it needs and the task chosen leads to some other benefits as well. One such fun hobby is gardening! It is rejuvenating, calming and the prevalent presence of the colour green in itself becomes a great source of positivity. The purpose behind resorting to a hobby is recreational, they are a speed break for our mind and souls so that we slow down and take a moment for ourselves.

Gardening results in relaxation and if done right one can get some edible benefits right at home! Read along to see several reasons why this is one activity we all should resort to for a greener and happier life.

Health benefits

Gardening is a good exercise for our bodies as well as our minds. Mental health is deeply taken care of when one is involved in gardening activities, it is suggested by many experts all around the world as a form of therapy to connect with our inner souls and spend the much needed time with ourselves. Besides that, gardening also reduces chances of depression, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.


In the fast moving lives we are leading, we forget the importance of taking it easy. Gardening builds that resilience in us to be patient and fight impulsiveness. Nourishing and taking care of a plant takes a lot of effort and calmness, you have to give your best and hope for the most fruitful results... well quite literally in case you are growing a fruit based plant or tree :p

Feeling of content

Waking up and seeing a blooming rose in your garden or plant area gives you the positivity you need to feel full and happy with the efforts you are putting in and your mind stores those vibes and channelizes the same in your overall outlook towards the day and the various activities involved in it.

Builds a sense of responsibility

Taking care of a plant is only rewarding if you invest the required amount of time and effort and make sure that every day you set aside a certain amount of time for gardening. This approach builds structure in your daily life followed by a sense of responsibility.

So what are you waiting for? With all of us in lockdown, might as well get started on this wonderful activity of gardening and give our lives the addition of greenery we very much deserve!

With so much love and care,

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