Are you going green in the Kitchen?

Sana Rashid

As stressed upon multiple times in a day, through different news channels, influencers, world leaders, advocates of the environment health, we need to go green! To save the earth, ourselves and most importantly the future of the planet, it is imperative that we all become conscious, aware and act on that realisation.

Through this blog lets discuss how you can go green and take a step towards helping the environment by covering a very important part of your household i.e your kitchen! A lot of resources go into preparing meals, cleaning dishes and so on. Therefore, incorporating a green way of life in the powerhouse of any house is a pretty smart way to accommodate sustainable living.

So here we go!

Washing dishes

Did you know that if you create a sort of partition in your sink while washing utensils wherein, one part of it is filled with soap water and the other has clean water for you to rinse the dishes, you will end up using almost 1/3rd less water than you would otherwise? This is one of the best sustainable practices that can lead to a ton of water being saved since dishes are usually washed minimum twice a day in any household.

Cook attentively

Keeping a close watch on the switches while using electronic items such as coffee maker, toaster, blender is a very important part of going green in the kitchen. Not letting any devices run unnecessarily contributes to energy saving. This includes the fridge as well! Make up your mind before you open it to get something so that you don’t end up browsing leaving it open for too long.

Replace plastic

Replace all plastic wear like the big and small containers with glass ones. Get glass bottles and jars instead of storing water in plastic bottles. Even your shopping bags for groceries that usually hang in the kitchen should be switched with paper or cotton bags. This leads to a healthy practice of reuse instead of the usual use and throw.

Recylcle on loop!

That collection of coffee granules in your coffee maker is a perfect replacement for store bought skin scrub! Find ways like that to use the leftovers of various activities in a sustainable way to increase the organic products in your household.

Plan in advance

Make a thorough list of everything you will need for the upcoming week and if possible a month in advance in order to avoid multiple trips to stores. This will reduce usage of gas in your car!

Kitchen Garden

Try your best to grow vegetables such as mint, lemon, edible flowers etc that the planting area in your house allows. Building a “Farm to table” experience for yourself will build and encourage a healthy living for you while supporting the environment.

So now the big question is how much of the above are you already incorporating in your day to day life or how much do you think you can?