5 sustainable items of daily utility

Sana Rashid

A sustainable way of living is nothing but a conscious and aware way of leading life, it is a state of being alert and mindful. A thoughtful approach towards consumption of natural resources while keeping in mind how your actions can impact your environment on an overall basis. It all comes down to the choices you make to consume a product. This decision making process of consciously choosing could mean not consuming a product that is made out of sustainable items or doesn’t encourage or facilitate sustainability.

In essence, it is all about the role you play as an active or passive participant in maintaining the cycle of life.

That being said, here are a few tips from our end to help draw your attention towards 5 sustainable items of daily use that you can incorporate in your life:

1. Stainless steel Bottles

Thermos - Rs. 449

This is a safe as well as sustainable way to consume your favorite beverages anywhere you go. Stainless steel is a complete recyclable material that can be recycled into a similar product with no compromises on the quality.

With our Stainless steel bottle collection, you will not only be choosing better but living a better life.

2. Mason Jars

Set of 2 Mason Jars - Rs. 689

A sustainable form of storage leads to you reducing your carbon footprint as well as promoting a cleaner and greener way of living. Also here is a fun fact! The energy retained from recycling a glass item will operate a 100-watt bulb for almost three to four hours.

3. Cotton Tote Bags

Enjoy Summer Tote Bag - Rs. 249

We go shopping for daily items and end up buying plastic bags every time to carry those products back home. The kindest efforts go the longest way and over here we are encouraging kindness towards the environment, get a cotton tote that you can just grab when leaving for shopping utility items. 

4. Pencils over pens.

2B Pencils Pack of 3 - Rs. 340

Each plastic pen which mostly is available and bought in a disposable form is a deadly addition to the plastic pile up in our country and overall on mother earth. There are many recyclable pencils available along with the regular wooden pencils that our much easier on the environment compared to the hardcore plastic pens we use and throw.

 5. Ceramic mugs

Galaxy Elements Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid and Spoon - Rs. 499

Ceramic is an eco-friendly material since in essence it is made of clay which is derived from earth and is also one of most natural materials present. The cherry on the top is the durability aspect which provides ceramic mugs a longer lifespan than plastic cups and even wood.

Lastly and most importantly support brands that choose sustainability and do their part. Being associated with such brands eventually reflects on the daily choices you make and subconsciously bring you to a point of making similar decisions. Remember, every effort counts especially the smaller ones.

Here is hope to building a better world and greener environment through mindful choices and a conscious mind.

With so much love and care,

HK Basics