5 items under Rs. 500 to make your room Instagram worthy

Sana Rashid

As a decorator, noob or experienced it is hard to establish how a room is going to come out in pictures when finished. Making that perfectly instagramable room is almost an aspiration for everyone out there. Aesthetics make for everything at the end of the day regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult because no one wants to skimp on style. It is all about exercising and implementing creativity to choose and build strong colour schemes, incorporate attractive wall art or put up attention grabbing accessories.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you suggest trending ideas on how to set up an aesthetically appealing room. To save your time, we have put together a list of affordable products you can add to your room and easily adopt decorative tricks in your space. We can assure you this list will make you stand out in terms of decoration.

1. It’s all about the lights

Thin LED Fairy Lights - Warm lights - Rs. 249

For a soothing space as well as apt lighting for the perfect picture, lighting in different shapes and sizes becomes the perfect solution to build an attractive décor. Oftentimes, the power of lighting is underestimated and when applied it is the most beautiful surrounding to be in. Could be gorgeous lights in a bottle simply placed on a table in your room or lights with clips attached to photographs put up on the wall behind your bed. Also, lighting around your mirror makes for the most stunning instagrammable space. Fairy lights are available in a range of affordable prices, in simplicity lies grace is the apt way to define the impact of lighting in your room.

2. Let’s pop it up with some balloons

Love Letter Balloon - Rs. 199

Why use balloons only for special occasions such as birthdays? We break stereotypes every day to evolve and style is a result of creative minds hell bent to improvise. A gorgeous balloon spelling out “Love” on a wall of your room is sure to make your space stand out and make those pictures gram worthy! It is the offbeat ideas that lead to exceptional results and you gotta trust us on this one!

3. Time check = style check

HK Basics Medium Size Teal Clock - Rs. 499

An adorable clock on your side table is one of the simplest ways to make the décor of your room pop up with style. It is the small little details that eventually make for a strong impression. A lot of people skip on these minute elements and get lost in the bigger aspects. Attention to detail is a super power we don’t want you to miss out on.

4. Fur cushions

Fur Decorative Cushion - Rs. 499

Go ahead and pile up that bed with cosy warm fuzzy cushions and turn that “woke up like this” image into a super eye catching Instagram post! Furry cushions in pastel shades are an exquisite addition available in affordable prices.

5. Wall Hangings

Minimalist Home Decoration Wall Hooks - Rs. 399

It is commonly believed that to decorate your room you need expensive furnishings and accessories, whereas, there are many options available to build the same amount of sophistication in a budget. Minimalist yet trendy wall hooks add a sense of definition to rooms and and can be used to hang fairy lights, furry towels, dream catchers to form charismatic backgrounds when photographed.

We hope the above list helps you get started on decorating your space to create a relaxing atmosphere and Instagram worthy décor without draining your pockets!

With so much love and care,

HK Basics